The unique SNES platform game and city builder hybrid Actraiser has just been remade

Today’s Nintendo Direct is a great choice for fans of retro platform games: Castlevania Premium Collection It has been announced and released, but what is arguably more exciting is the re-emergence of Actraiser. Actraiser was originally released in 1990 as a unique fusion of platform games and city construction. It’s a bit like a cult, so it’s surprising that Square Enix not only digs into it, but also provides something close to a complete remake.

Actraiser Renaissance has “remade” 2D graphics, which is a bit of an understatement because they look completely redrawn. It also has a soundtrack “upgraded” by Koshiro himself to Yuzo Koshiro, but you can stick to the original score if you want. Just like the typical features of retro remakes now, Actraiser Renaissance also added a save game function and a new difficulty level.