The upcoming Steam Deck Q&A may teach us more before launch

Valve plans to hold a Steam Deck virtual conference for game developers on November 12 to answer developers’ questions about hardware, Proton, and the Steam Deck Verified program. Although the one-day event is only open to developers, their response to the event should help clarify things for everyone, such as how easy it is to make the game fully compatible with the device, and the performance we can expect.

According to Valve, every meeting during the conference will have the Steam platform team discuss “in-depth information and best practices to help you create a seamless experience on the Steam platform” AnnouncementThe event will be held on Steamworks, Valve’s developer website. Those of us who have not paid the $100 entrance fee to Steamworks will have to wait for this information to spread outside the platform.If the event is similar to other Steamworks live broadcasts, the archive may appear in the official YouTube page.