The VG247 team wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone!It’s Connor of VG247, quickly write this article to I wish you all a happy Christmas holiday From everyone on the site. This year has passed, but no matter what, thank you for reading all of our content.

We also have some holiday-themed works that will be launched in the next few years, including the remaining GOTY staff selections, so if you want some holiday content, please pay attention to this. We also have Sharif, Dolani and myself to go-so you know they will be fine.

Just today, we released a large list of games to get you into the proper Christmas mood in case you plan to be separated from your family and friends in the next few days and enjoy a quality game time.

Embedded above is our best game discussion video of the year, and myself, Sharif, James, Dorani and Alex are all discussing our choices. So long! However, if you want to leave something in the background while making Christmas dinner or drinking mulled wine, this is a good choice.

Finally, thank you for reading VG247 throughout 2021!