The War King Dynasty is a survival city builder with a background of war-torn medieval Japan

Toplitz Productions today announced the War of Kings, a survival slash town building simulation game set in feudal Japan. Now you can hit people with a hammer under the cherry blossoms. The game trailer (above) does not show any in-game action, but there are screens that show a first-person view of a very beautiful seaside settlement and many lovely Japanese buildings.

The press release issued with the trailer called it a “broad city builder” with RPG and survival elements, and the entire game can be played in cooperative mode. The environment of the Middle Ages was ravaged by war and famine: Warring States Period It’s about 150 years of Japanese history, in this history, all countries are in each other’s throats.

Urban construction and survival seem to be indeed the core of the war dynasty. As towns develop, they will begin to attract new residents and flourish. From the usual ancient forests and snow-capped mountains, to Japanese cherry blossom forests and misty hot springs, there are all kinds of biomes. The game has an in-depth crafting system, covering food, weapons, and buildings. In addition, you can also “farm the land”, which I think means farming. It all started to sound a bit like Warring States Valley.

(Image source: Toplitz Productions)

You start as a humble farmer, and of course, your goal is to be the ruler of everything you investigate. There are four character paths to choose from: leader; craftsman; warrior; monk. The publisher’s news material sounds like a very different style of play. The Leadership Path allows you to form alliances, take on the task of expanding influence, participate in transactions, romance and marriage, and manage villagers. On the other hand, the fighters seem to just stab people and find food for the village. It is not clear whether you have to choose only one, or whether disciplines can be mixed and matched in a given role.

The game can be played in story mode or sandbox mode, and the best part of the announcement is about its historical accuracy. “From the smallest stone to culture and politics, every part should be historically correct. It’s just that the lack of information in the University of Tokyo Library pushes us to the limits of history and challenges our creativity.” Take that, University of Tokyo Library .

Hunting deer in the Warring States period.

(Image source: Toplitz Productions)

If all this sounds familiar, it may be because Toplitz has also recently published an astonishing medieval dynasty. There are different developers for the game, but they certainly look similar, so if the Sengoku setting is particularly attractive, then this is probably worth paying attention to. War of the Kings to be released in 2022.