The Warzone Last Hours of Verdansk event will be launched soon!

We are about to usher in the last day of Verdansk’s attendance War zone. As we are all preparing for a new era of Caldera adventure, we finally have the opportunity to Verdansk’s last days Event, today will be at 10 a.m. Pacific time / 1 p.m. Eastern time / 6 p.m. GMT.

In it, the player can fight for the last time. We don’t know what special event will happen in this conclusive event, but if we leave the nuclear explosion that destroyed the last version of the map, we can assume that it will be a major event.The player won’t have a long time because the event only lasts until December 7, Which means you have one day to enter and experience it yourself.

Caldera is the above-mentioned map with the Pacific Ocean as the background. With the start of the new season, the integration of “Call of Duty: Vanguard” weapons and the huge changes in game balance will open a new Warzone journey.

All this happened after a series of limited time events appeared in Warzone. The common goal of all events was to build excitement for new content while sending the past. Secret events in the Pacific allowed us to track hidden objects on the map, and Operation Flashback added all the best and worst features we had to endure in Verdansk over the past few months.

Due to reports of sexual harassment in the workplace, Warzone’s publisher Activision Blizzard is currently engaged in a legal battle with California. Recently, six U.S. state treasurers have pressured Activision Blizzard to respond to the sexual harassment scandal.