The Weird West Fasten Seatbelt will be released on January 11

The first in the new trailer series Weird west, The new action RPG / immersive simulation game from developer Wolfeye Studios and released by honest people from Devolver Digital has been removed. This video shows the new face of gameplay and the announcement of the January 11th release date. The game will land on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The trailer is voiced by creative director Raphael Colantonio (Raphael Colantonio), allowing you to quickly understand the beginning of the bounty hunter Jane Bell’s story. Jane is one of the five playable protagonists in Weird West. As a player, your job is to find out who kidnapped your husband and murdered your son.

In the trailer, Ralphael explained that one of Weird West’s main goals is to “make everything that appears to be interactive is actually interactive.” The trailer continues to show players throwing bottles to distract the enemy, searching containers and corpses for loot, moving corpses, and lighting and extinguishing fires. We also got a cool moment when Jane jumped off the ledge just to kill enemies in slow motion, such as Dead Eye in Red Dead Redemption.

The trailer also showed us a series of RPG elements to match all the actions. The first is the ability screen of another character, where you can improve and modify their unique skills. We also saw a map of the world, where you can travel a long distance and reach both familiar and mysterious places.

Weird West comes from WolfEye Studios, the new team of Arkane co-founder Raphael Colantonio.

You can pre-order the game on Steam now, and the person who pre-orders will receive an in-game horse named Calamity as a small reward. This horse seems to be a boon to players in the early days, providing countless rewards, such as extra rewards for storing items in bags and some equipment to help you in the early stages of your adventure.