The Wild Beyond the Witchlight has higher requirements for DM

Wilderness beyond Wuguang, The next official battle book of Dungeons and Dragons, has two excellent new adventure hooks. These are all creative ways for dungeon masters (DM) to start a long battle, and they all start real role-playing from day one.

Combined with the previous book by Wizards of the Coast, Tasha’s Pot of All Things, They provide a fun way to bring new groups of players together-or turn your existing campaign into something completely different. But DM can’t just enter the game. Compared with many previous adventures, this adventure requires more preparation.

[Warning: This article contains light spoilers for the beginning of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight.]

The Wizards’ latest campaign manual is full of secrets. In fact, there are so many secrets that the player is warned in the second paragraph-less than 100 words-not to continue reading without their DM guidance. Many of these secrets have adventure hooks directly applicable to character creation. Without revealing too much, this means that the players at the table themselves are some tasks that need to be completed throughout the campaign.

Thankfully, there are several ways to randomly program your character into the storyline without their knowledge. There are also options that allow them to choose their own path without spoiling the fun.Having said that, “Conversation Zero” was recently detailed in the rule supplement Tasha’s Pot of All Things, is required. This is where the DM needs to help customize each person’s role to meet the needs of the campaign, and vice versa. If you have never run a zero session before, be sure to take the time to research this concept. Then, expect to spend a few hours to complete it with your players.

Bottom line: don’t let your players show up with the characters they have already created and start playing.this way The wilderness beyond the witch lantern At the risk of leaving many interesting story beats in your campaign. Before the start of the campaign, you must take time to organize the players’ background stories and determine how they are connected.

In addition, this book encourages DMs to break one of the basic rules of role-playing.After the session is zero, you can choose Start An election campaign that split the party in two. One group of players will come from the Forgotten Realm (or the settings you currently choose), and the other group will work at Witchlight Carnival-a temporary pocket dimension roaming the D&D multiverse.

Most of the battle was fought in Feywild, and Witchlight Carnival served as a bridge to there. But this is also a tutorial level, like you might find in video games. By design, this is a huge playground where you can determine who your character is, how they act alone, and when they are together with each other. But again, DM needs work to achieve.

The time spent in Witchlight Carnival also allows the DM to transfer some of the responsibility of storytelling to other players working there as early as possible. At the same time, the scale and scope of the carnival must remain small. This means that once they cross the bridge and enter Feywild, your Carney still has many surprises.

In many previous Wizards Coast battles, players were more or less dumped on a strange and mysterious land, The wilderness beyond the witch lantern It is natural for them to feel that they are part of the story. This is a huge upgrade and shows that developers trust their DM more than ever.

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