The Witcher Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Kyle Morhan’s Beast

Family is a key theme in the second season of The Witcher, and it’s also the feeling of finding home. The second episode focuses on the Wizard Fortress, Kyle Morhan, and the elves looking for Dol Brasana. With the formation of an unusual alliance, Yenifu and Xili have undergone a rather profound transformation as they begin to realize what they want. Geralt still maintained his solemn and fatherly appearance. It was very exciting for us to meet Vesemir and other wizards for the first time.

Visions and dreams are the central theme of this episode, starting with Yen’s dream of having children with Geralt. Then the baby burned into flames on its little bed, and we saw a man in a red cloak holding an elf baby. This foreshadows what will happen in the next few episodes, but this cloaked figure seems to have penetrated into the dreams of Fringeira and the elf leader Francesca Fendabel, even though he is wearing a black and white robe. After Francesca and Filavandrell captured Yan and Fringeira, we met them, but they barely survived. After using fire magic, Yan’s power is still lost, but she still has a cunning charm, and Fringeila wants to bargain with the elves. Both methods are not enough by themselves, so they must work together.

Episode details

Episode 2

“Kyle Mohan”

Author: Bodmayo

directed by: Stephen Sujic