The Witcher Season 2, Episode 4 Review: Burns, Butchers, Burns

We have reached the midpoint of this episode, Radania Intelligence, and we finally meet the extraordinary spy master, Sigmund Dikstra. He visited King Vezimir of Rydania and murdered two advisors present. We can also see the world through the eyes of an owl-as a wizard enthusiast, I bet my December salary is Phillipa Eilheart. Although the elves took refuge under Fringeira and Francesca in Sintra, the violence against the elves escalated in this episode. We encountered a mysterious snipe who was smuggling the elves from Orsonfort to Sintra. Safe zone.

Triss and Ciri finally saw this episode because Vesemir called on her to join Kyle Morhan. He believes that Triss can better guide Hilly to use her powers than any clumsy old wizard, and ensure that her needs are met. Spoiler alert: Constantly pestering a teenage girl is not the best way to keep her on the sidelines. Triss tried to rekindle the romance with Geralt, but was shot down soon-Team Zhen attacked again! ——But it is clear that there is a deep friendship between the two.

Episode details

Episode 4

“Ridania Intelligence”

Author: Sneha Coors

directed by: Sarah Ogman