The Witcher Season 2, Episode 5: Son of Destiny

The situation in the second season of The Witcher is heating up, and I have to say that so far, the fifth episode is my favorite. We finally heard Ithlinne’s prophecy, learned about Ciri’s true identity, and discovered that a new kind of monster has come to the mainland. The new enemies seem to be hunting Hiri, they wield the cute fire-forbidden magic in the first series, and it is up to Yan to rescue Jaskil from the angry mage. Oh, did I mention that Xili wanted to pass the trial of Cao? No? Okay, let’s get started.

We met Lydia and Lyons in this episode, and Lyons is the mysterious fire mage in the fourth episode. He captured Jaskier and tortured him to obtain information about Rivia’s Geralt, especially to find Ciri. It’s not clear who these two people work for-maybe Dijkstra, maybe the emperor, maybe even Eredin and The Wild Hunt-but they are definitely bad news. Fortunately, Ye Neve caught up with them, pretending to be Jaskil’s drunk wife, and then blew a ball of fire into Riens’ face. Jaskier and Yen then continued to run around Oxenfurt in bold purple-so unremarkable!