The Witcher Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: Temple of Melitler

This is another episode full of events, and Hilly’s power is tested again. Eastrid visited some interesting information brokers to learn more about Hiri’s legacy. Cahill confronted his new elf partner in Sintra. Yenifu and Geralt finally reunited. Get together, although as usual, the ending is not good.

This episode starts with Xili and Geralt in the woods. Geralt once again laments that Xili wants to accept the trial of the grass. She thinks he doesn’t care what she wants, we know it’s not true, but it’s difficult for teenagers to reason about. A new star-stone Chernoborg monster attacked them, and Geralt finally used Hilly as a bait to test her. He killed the beast, Xi Rui admitted that she could feel it didn’t want to attack her, which attracted the most curious “huh!” from Geralt this season.