The Witcher Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Family Matters

The ending of the second season of “The Witcher” is frustrating, frustrating and exciting-everything you want in the ending, really! Towards the end, there are two big revelations. Well, if you don’t understand your wizarding legend, it will be a surprise-those who know have already guessed who is coming. This episode really makes you understand that family is often who you choose to be with, not just blood relatives. Once again, we saw a lot of things on Hilly’s young shoulders, and again, she proved that she is much stronger than she looks. Lambert is also less picky in this episode, which is the biggest shock.

Before we get caught up in what Ciri and Geralt did, let us first understand what I think objectively is the most heartbreaking moment. Because of the loss of the child, Francesca and Filavandrell decided to leave Nilfgaard. According to reports, Dara is a Redandian spy who communicates with Dijkstra about what is happening. Just before the baby was killed, Dara decided that he didn’t want to do this anymore, and eventually blamed her for her death. Francesca assured him that it was not his fault, and then they headed to Redania, where her hatred of humans was restored. After getting there, she passed through a village, burned a mark on each baby, and then killed them in one fell swoop. It was a horrible scene that ended with the screams of a few babies, followed by deafening silence, and finally filled with the mother’s crying. Francesca seeks justice for her people, not revenge. This will not be the last time we have seen her atrocities.

Episode details

Episode 8


Author: Lauren Schmidt Hisrich

directed by: Ed Bazarget


In the north, Tishaya and Wilgerforz received a visit from Dijkstra, who told them about Ciri’s power in the previous episode. Tissaia felt that this child was too strong for the Brotherhood, so she met with King Foltest, King Henselt, and Queen Meve to decide whether they should kill the girl and everyone who protects her. This made Geralt and the wizards Stuck in a predicament. However, King Vizimir of Redania hoped to merge their kingdoms through marriage so that he could control Cintra and make Redania the most powerful northern kingdom. Basically, everything in the north has become a bit double agent and dangerous. For the Nilfgaards, at least, they have stated frankly that they are going to murder you.

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The list of those who hunted Ciri grew longer and longer, and she, newly possessed by Voles Meir, bypassed Kyle Morhan to kill the wizard. Voleth Meir saw in Ciri that she missed her family more than anything, so he took her to the hall, where they found her grandmother and Mossack. This makes Ciri distracted and happy, while Voleth Meir uses her body to obey orders. Vesemir instructed the wizards to take the elixir they could eat, and Geralt persuaded Vesemir to try his way first: coax the entity out of Hilli and let them both live.