The Witcher season 2 has another song worth spreading

After the first season of “The Witcher” debuted, throwing coins at your wizard became a viral sensation. There are many cover versions, and levels are made in the VR rhythm game “Beat Saber”. A gold medal-winning sharpshooter and a famous wizard fan were welcomed home with a Russian version of it. Not surprisingly, season 2 of “The Witcher” brought several new songs to the famous bard and Geralt BFF Jaskier for them to sing. (Spoilers below.)

When Jaskier was reintroduced, he wore a hat and stood in front of the band, completing the transformation from a humble bard thrown with vegetables to the number one rock star on the European continent. When he sang Burn Butcher Burn to make the entire tavern rejoice, it was obvious that although he was famous and the ladies loved him, Jaskier was still unhappy. A certain witcher broke his heart in season 1 and inspired a song so popular that he must relive the pain every time he performs. Jaskier: Basically Taylor Swift in the wizarding universe.