The Witcher Season 2 is now available on Netflix

The second season of a Netflix show based on popular novels and video game series That wizard, Conveniently also called That wizard, Available today.

Henry Cavill returns to play the role of Geralt of Rivia, Livia’s silver-haired monster killer. The second season continues Geralt’s adventure, this time with his apprentice Hiri (played by Freya Allen). Also returning this season are Ye Neve (Anya Chalotla), Versimir (Kimbodenia), Triss (Anna Shaffer), Lambert (Paul Bron) and Everyone’s favorite bard, Jaskil (played by Joey Betty), and many other newcomers.

No fear; this won’t be the last time you see these characters! The third season has been confirmed, so please feel free to watch the show at your own pace-just like me, although I will soon want to watch any part of the first season.

Capture eight brand new plots That wizard Streaming on Netflix now, there will be at least one season in the future. Remember, throw coins at your wizard, not on your TV. For the screen or your wallet, this may not have good results.

Are you taking the time to catch up with this season of The Witcher? What items and potions are needed to start watching Geralt’s live-action adventure? Let us know in the comments.