The Witcher Season 2 Review: Everything has to do with Dad

There is a certain amount of fun watching a cynic, fanatical, and totally scary man transform into a caring and loyal father. The first season of Netflix’s “The Witcher” focused on transformation and mutation. Although the pace of the second season was slower, change was still a central theme: Geralt and Hilly found each other, and Yenifu’s fiery strategy made her move towards New directions developed, and after Nilfgard’s violent expansion, the northern kingdom was distorted by fear and hatred.

This season’s time jump is over. An episode begins where the last episode ends, and the story spans months, not decades. This time, flashbacks and illusions were more obvious. It made the show more traditional, each episode was less obvious, but after previewing the first six episodes of the eight episodes, Season 2 was up to par.

Some parts of it are very severe, but there are some cracked singles and at least one fascinating new tune to balance things.

(Image source: Netflix)

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