The Wreck is an emotional 3D visual novel, the author buried me, my love

2019 year Bury me my love Provides one of the most unique narratives in recent memory (not to mention very emotional). We have always been curious about the next step for the developer The Pixel Hunt. Yesterday we discovered its next project The Wreck.

The shipwreck is called a mature 3D visual novel. It is starred by a failed screenwriter named Zhu Nong. She must relive the most important days of her life. If the trailer shows any signs, it will be the trauma of her life. Pixel Hunt described this story as a story about “sisterhood, motherhood, grief, and survival.”

In terms of gameplay, you will talk to a small group of characters and explore Zhu Nong’s past in a non-linear story. Zhu Nong dealt with emotional stress, her mother was in a critical state, re-examining and accepting the challenging past and present sounded easier said than done. Although the trailer set the tone, the screenshot gallery below provides a better idea of ​​how the instant gameplay appears and the fantastic quality of the game.

Wreck currently plans to log on to PC via Steam in 2022.