The Xbox Winter Game Festival ends next week, don’t miss these demos

Game jackpots come and go. Josef Fares quoted his infamous Oscar line when accepting It Takes Two’s Game of the Year award. Halo series With the trailer, Monolith is developing a new Wonder Woman game. But the celebration is not over yet; Xbox is hosting an award-inspired demo that offers time-limited, hands-on anticipated games. There are more than 35 headings to view, but it won’t take long. The free celebration will end on December 21 next week, giving players a short time to sort out each experience. However, if you don’t have time to sample them all, here is a demo you can’t miss.

Loot river

Taking the genre mix to a whole new level, Loot River is like a hybrid of Bloodborne and Tetris. This puzzle game first appeared in March last year, and its concept caught our attention. Fortunately, this demonstration proved to be as smooth as we hoped. The action takes place on a series of waterways, and you can move forward and engage the enemy by moving the platform on the map. Death will be an eternal companion, but this is not the end. In the demo, death will send your character back to a central world with NPCs that hint at the dark story of the game. Loot River will arrive sometime in 2022, but we don’t know the exact date.

No one saves the world

One of the headlines of the event, no one saves the world is an irreverent journey through the realm of fantasy. Your character, Nobody, wakes up in an unfamiliar residence—without wearing any pants—and sets off quickly to figure out what’s going on. In order to achieve this goal, he finally picked up a magic wand that could turn him into various other things. The first of these new forms is a rat, which bites through enemies and crawls into narrow spaces, but as you defeat enemies and gain experience points, more physiques will open up. The battle is fun, the game is creative, and you should not miss the opportunity to play.

Lonely village

With its 2D art style and anthropomorphic animal protagonists, Lonesome Village attracted us at first sight. You play as an adventurous coyote and stroll to a nearby town. When celebrating the festival, all the villagers mysteriously disappear. Immediately after the snapshot of the world version of Thanos, a suspicious tower rose from the ground, shrouded in the sky over the desolate town. In the demo, your job is to climb the tower and save the citizens by solving interesting puzzles. The rescued villagers return to daily life as librarians or bankers, opening up new projects or social options. Lonesome Village draws inspiration from series such as The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing, so if the combination of these two things sounds like your jam, check out this demo.

Flyover: Rhythm Road Trip

A driving rhythm game with the futuristic world as the background, Overpass: Rhythm Roadtrip is a surprise, we didn’t notice it before this event. The demo of the game is very short, only showing a few tracks-taking you through the ruins of ancient culture, exuding the cool feeling of the collision of the old world and high-tech-but it is enough to let us understand the game. Behind the wheel of a constantly moving vehicle, you try to hear prompts hidden in the environment in time to play a stylish soundtrack. The right fast-paced beat will bring you into the hypnotic atmosphere of the game.

Dead garbage

The title of Death Trash is not just for showing off. There is a lot of death, a lot of garbage, and a lot of fun in this demo. It is undeniable that Fallout is the DNA of Death Trash. You started after an unexplainable procedure in an underground bunker. For some reason, you are guided from a safe underground community and must strive to survive in the harsh world above. The battle is full of challenges and supplies are limited. You will encounter a large piece of octopus-shaped meat. It just wants to make friends. It may be worthwhile to try the demonstration multiple times to see how different choices made in the detailed character creator affect the experience. If you are interested in more dead trash after playing the demo, the game is currently in the early access stage.


Have you played Valheim and hope to have a game specifically for those honey bees? The best beekeeping simulation game with cute art style and low pressure? Then get ready to make sure the bees are happy, because Apico is the presentation for you. The menu-heavy tutorial may discourage some people, but the pull of building a tool allows you to access another resource, and then unlock more building recipes, which will allow you to focus on the game loop longer than expected. As an early understanding of the game, it’s hard to say how vast your beehive empire can grow, but in the first part you will see how you make tools-first use wood, then use stronger materials-harvest honey and explore the vastness Of the world and so on. Apico will be released early next year, so now seems to be a good time to check before release.

The truth about the multiverse

Explore space and time, and think about the miracles of each timeline in the lies of the multiverse. You started with a little boy, with the support of his cat Erwin, unlocked the secrets of reality on the computer in his bedroom. The demonstration showed a land like a peaceful paradise where monks lived or a sunny, carefree woodland. However, with his ability to exchange dimensions, the protagonist shuttles between these idyllic scenes and grim alternative reality, where the forest lives in constant darkness and heaven has long collapsed. Switching between two different areas allows you to solve puzzles and reach the originally blocked area. Throughout the demonstration, the reality-changing mechanism was cleverly used, and the humor balanced the dark side of voyeurism.


With its release date finally announced at The Game Awards, before the end of this Xbox event, you should definitely include the Tunic demo version on your playlist. Although the demo did not let us personally experience some of the new objects and enemies discovered in the recent trailer, it showed how smooth and challenging the game was when it was released. If you haven’t entered the demo before the game, get ready to die, because although the game looks a lot like a walk in the park, its battles are unexpectedly cruel. Even those who have played the Tunic 2021 demo may consider rejoining to make sure you discover all the secrets hidden in its short gameplay, or just to be excited about its upcoming version on March 16.