The Yaoyao game screen revealed in the Yuanshen shock leak

We have more leaks from Primordial shock, This time is our long-awaited role, since the first closed beta of the game, we have been waiting.Of course we are talking Yaoyao, A dendro character we finally saw in the game.

For those outsiders, in the first closed beta of the game, a large number of characters were leaked-including Thomas, Hu Tao, Kokomi, etc. Over time, all of these initially leaked characters have entered the game, except for Yaoyao who has been absent.

But why is this a big problem? Well, Yaoyao is a tree character, which means they have the ability to control nature. There are many enemies in the game that fit this element, but so far we have not seen a playable character that can do this. With this in mind, Yaoyao’s game screen is very important, because it shows us that we will soon be able to play this elusive element.

This leaked footage was discovered by user Lumie_lumie and posted on Twitter. He posted a short video introducing all the original leaked characters, and then there was a short peak in Yaoyao. They also released three photos of the in-game model so that we can observe them up close. You can view this tweet embedded below.

Well, all of this is good, but can this tell us about the future of Genshin Impact? Well, those who have explored Liyue may have reached the entrance of the chasm (by the way, this is a good place to grow ore). The gap is currently locked behind an invisible wall, but well-known leakers have repeatedly mentioned the future locations we will visit.

We know that the next major district will be Sumi, where there is a Dandro Archon. Whether the Rift Valley is part of that continent is still unknown, but in any case, it is obvious that Yaoyao and this new area of ​​the world are in front of him.

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