There are not enough games about history, but at least there are forgotten cities

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(Image source: Future)

In addition to our 2021 Major Game Awards, every member of the PC Gamer team has focused on the games they love this year. For the rest of this month, we will release the new employee draft and our main awards.

Strategy games love history. Thanks to first-person shooters, every major war in the 20th century has been turned into a hell by video games. Assassin’s Creed game explores the Hollywood version of Leonardo da Vinci’s popcorn history, and occasional RPGs are set somewhere in medieval Europe or feudal Japan. I’m not saying that video games about our past don’t exist, but they will definitely be surpassed by games about our present, games about our future, and games about elves.

This is weird, right? However, I am not here to ask why historical novels have always been an important part of TV, movies and books, but have not been fully reflected in games. No, I’m here to tell you that in 2021 we have a truly great historical video game: the forgotten city.