There is a free Metroid Dread demo available

As a Halloween treat, anyone interested in trying Metroid Fear Now available from Nintendo Online StoreAnyone with a Nintendo Switch can use it, and for those who are not sure whether to pick up the latest entry in Metroid Saga, this is a great way to see if Samus’s latest adventure meets their requirements .

Metroid fears to follow Sams, because she is sent to explore ZDR, a dangerous parasite named X is surviving on a distant planet. After the previous seven EMMI robot expeditions failed to solve the problem, Samus had to go to ZDR and deal with this dangerous threat.

Metroid Dread, which was released earlier this month, has caused a sensation due to its exciting gameplay-many people desperately need to return to the excellent quality of the old games in the series such as Super Metroid.

In our review of Metroid Dread, critic Alex Donaldson wrote: “Metroid Dread is likely to give those who have been counting down to release what they want: a thrilling experience consistent with their love of past games. “

If you want to learn more about the wonderful features of Sams in Metroid Fear, we also have an article on why Sams is cooler than Sergeant Chief. Alex Donaldson believes: “In Metroid Fear , She is great-she is the most talented but badass among her peers in power armor. Just like she should be.”

For those who want to get a copy of the game after playing the new demo, you can only get Metroid Dread on Nintendo Switch.