There is a new FarmVille game with new crops and cute animals

Original FarmVille Is a Facebook sensation with a very simple concept: if you can grow a bunch of crops over time, turn them into profit, and then grow more Growing crops on a larger farm?It’s been more than ten years since then, and many games are still affected by FarmVille Nowadays. On Thursday, Zynga announced the addition of the FarmVille franchise for iOS, Android and Mac.

Players appear on the homestead and complete challenges to unlock new farm workers, learn about animal husbandry, and even control the weather.There are 150 species of small animals, and someone’s Their rights must be improved. This is you, farmer, with the help of series veteran and helpful tutorial character Mary.

There are chickens, cows, growing crops, and everything you expect from one place FarmVille Games, but there are some strange inclusions. For example, you might have an alpaca or a tiger on your farm. It’s not 100% sure why you want a tiger-it seems a security risk-but it is very cute.

Players can also customize their home and connect with neighbors to form a cooperative to get more rewards and easier farming. Users who download the game in the next two weeks will receive a starter kit with some goodies that they can use to start their farm.