These are the first Intel Alder Lake CPUs without efficient cores

Alder Lake is Intel’s latest gaming CPU series, released in early November this year. Since their release, Intel Core i9 12900K and i5 12600k have received excellent reviews, and most of the annoying DRM issues have also been fixed. This is largely due to the new hybrid architecture of these CPUs, which use higher-performance cores and energy-saving cores in series.

according to Graphics cardFor the unreleased Alder Lake non-K 65w series CPUs, we do not necessarily expect the same. According to reports, the Intel i3 12100F and i5 12400F in the 12th-generation sub-series will be the first two products that use the Alder Lake name without these high-efficiency cores. In contrast, these cores have only 4 and 6 power cores, and each core has 8 and 12 threads. We will wait to test these chips before making a judgment, but this is consistent with high-end CPUs about 4 years ago.