These five exclusive Horizons Ban Western screens show the Digger and the timid

To celebrate our Horizon Forbidden West cover story (now read by digital subscribers), we show you a new screen of stories that Guerrilla Games shared with us.These lenses are specifically provided to Game informant For our extensive 12-page feature to highlight certain aspects of our discussion.

For some of the background in the image below, they mainly show a new area called Daunt, which is a canyon on the eastern edge of Sundom (Carja territory). This new settlement serves as a guide area, allowing players to quickly understand the new mechanics of the game. This is Aloy’s last stop before heading to Forbidden West. These screens also provide views of markets and taverns to show more lively places.

Finally, look at a new machine called Burrower, which is the successor to Horizon Zero Dawn’s Watcher. This common reconnaissance aircraft can dig tunnels underground and resurface in unexpected places. When it feels danger, it will make a high-pitched sound to summon allies and stun the enemy. According to game director Mathijs de Jonge: “We want to add more characters and movements to the machines in Horizon Forbidden West, so Burrowers are very similar to otters or weasels: flexible, fast and very fierce!”

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