These PS5 and PS4 games will continue to be available at Prime Day pricing

With the official end of this year’s Prime Day sale, I think we’ve got a cheap new PS4 and PS5 game. If you don’t, don’t worry. Some of the best deals on PlayStation Prime Day are still public at the time of writing, so there’s still a short window to get a bargain. This is a reminder of what is still on sale.

Some of the best PS5 Prime Day deals on this year’s sale were only in the United States. These include Demon’s Souls and Returns, both discounted to $ 50 each. Returnal prices have skyrocketed, but Prime Day prices give you Demon’s Souls, Resident Evil Village and more!

In the UK, Assassin’s Creed Valhara was discounted to £ 30, Outriders Day One Edition was discounted to £ 35, and Watch Dogs Legion was discounted to £ 22. These are currently sold out, but there is still a decent selection of discounted pS5 games.

PS5 game (USA)

PS5 game (UK)

PS4 Prime Day Deals

Ghost of Tsushima Deal Prime

It wasn’t just the PS5 titles that were significantly reduced this year. The PS4 title also had some impressive discounts. One of the best is the $ 29.99 Final Fantasy VII remake (not sold out).

Most PS4 titles on Prime Day Sale include a free upgrade to the PS5 version, but please double-check before you buy.

There is a pretty big price difference between backwards compatible PS4 and PS5 titles, so if you have a free next generation upgrade, we recommend getting the PS4 version. Below is a list of titles still available at Prime Day pricing.

PS4 game (USA)

PS4 game (UK)

PS5 Accessory Deals

WD Black PS5 deals

Prime Day Sale is a great opportunity to cheaply increase console storage space.In the US you can still pick up 4TB WD Black HDD for only $ 109.99 – It’s the same price that was available on Prime Day.

You can grab 4TB WD Black HDD £ 99.99 In England.

There were also some great accessories and game bundles for sale in the UK. Congratulations to anyone who has bought a DualSense wireless controller for £ 80 or a DualSense and Pulse 3D headset bundle for £ 120 at Sackboy: A Big Adventure or Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

The above deals won’t last long, so if you find what you want, get it now while it’s available at a discounted price.

And for those of you who missed the best deal of the year, make sure you head for Jelly deals Twitter Follow us so that it never happens again! It won’t be long before Black Friday.