These Skyrim and Fallout Tarot Cards Are Newer Than Magic

One of the things I taught myself in college was how to read the tarot cards.I can’t exactly say I Believe These papers can read my future, but it’s always a great party trick when you read for someone, it gives them real insight. Pointing out that they may be working too hard, missing family members, or not seeing opportunities ahead may help them better understand their current situation. I use them all the time to check on myself or a friend – a deck of cards is cheaper than therapy, right? They’re cool when used properly, and the game seems to love tarot too.

From Persona 5 to The Quarry, many games use tarot cards as a theme or mechanism. But Bethesda went a step further and made its own two sets of tarot cards based on Skyrim and Fallout 4. I received two sets of tarot cards that I would love to use as souvenir artwork to ruin the deck game rather than use them for reading purposes. I’m always looking for ways to hide game Easter eggs in my own home, and these cards are a better blend of style and play than most posters.

Both sets of cards come in small cardboard boxes that contain the card set and a small instruction booklet. Each deck deviates from the traditional four decks and chooses a theme based on the game. For Fallout, the suits are Lanterns, Steel, Synths, and Muskets, certainly tied to the game’s main faction. The Grand Arcana (big names like Death, The Tower, The Hermit, and more) is the world-famous NPC you meet, and the series mascot, Vault Boy. These artworks are a stylish way to honor my favorite Preston Garvey and Nick Valentine. The art for the cards is a cartoon of the characters, with soft shadows and some shabby flair to make the series look like it just came from Armageddon.

(Image credit: Future)

Skyrim Card Sets are spells, lockpicks, weapons and voices that are more closely tied to the factions and gameplay elements Dovahkiin encounters during his travels. But I think this deck, even though I prefer Skyrim to Fallout 4, is weaker. Many of the NPCs in the Grand Arcana series are not immediately recognizable for two reasons: They require deeper knowledge of the lore, as many are gods, not like the NPCs that are often visited in Fallout, even if you’re only in the Run past them in Fallout. Diamond City. And the art is more stylized, harder to tell who is who at first glance, with flatter shadows and softer color palettes. Even though they’re still very pretty in dusty pastel greens and blues, the Fallout cards feel more in line with the world they’re supposed to come from.