This controversial skincare line for gamers no longer exists

A series of “blue light protection” skin care products sold by controversial gamers related to content creators Rachel “Valkyrie” Hofstedt It has been cancelled after a strong negative rebound last week. The Rflct website disappeared, replaced by a text message to someone related to the brand”

“RFLCT is no longer available. Thank you to all those who have played an important role in researching, developing products, creating brands, and as partners in our journey. Although we believe in the formula created, after further reflection, we decided to move forward in the new On the road, the RFLCT brand was effectively terminated,” the website said.

(Image source: Rflct)

Rflct is a series of game player-centered products designed to “prevent and repair blue light damage caused by exposure to the screen.” These products and Valkyrae were immediately strongly condemned for promoting the pseudoscience of gaming and technology brands, with few citations.