This Crusader King 3 mod adds a key feature: a fishing game

Even for one Crusader King 3 Gentleman, life is not easy. If you make up an excuse to invade the wrong little kingdom, you may trigger a medieval world war. If you fail to fulfill your religious obligations properly, you will never have the opportunity to claim that you are the better and cooler pope in Europe. Your favorite son may be plotting to kill you, or even for legitimate reasons. The crown is heavier day by day.But due to Tavern Games vol.2-Go fishing!Module, The ultimate goal of escaping from reality is just a small game.

Accessible from the decision-making menu in the game, this module allows your character to escape from the duties of the nobility to a secluded beach, accompanied by soothing environmental coastal sounds. The mini game itself is similar to the model used in Stardew Valley. Once you hook something, you can smash a reel button to keep an indicator on the fishing gauge in the highlighted part of the movement. Do it long enough and you will catch fish. This is not just a gimmick. Every fish you catch will reduce the character’s current stress level for free.