This Deathloop trailer provides more insights into the game story

‘S release Endless loop Not far away, to give you a quick idea of ​​what to expect, Arkane Lyon released a new trailer that delves into the story.

In the game, the amnesiac protagonist Colt is looking for a way out of the AEON Project and Black Cay Island. It’s up to you to unlock the mystery of his plight and make sure that his opponent Juliana will not take him away before he escapes.

According to the premise, the island is caught in a time loop, but this is not always the case. It started as an isolated fishing colony, but an anomaly caught the attention of the military and eventually attracted the attention of the founding members of the Aeon Project. These people and their followers get together to take advantage of the anomaly and create a time loop that will keep them alive forever.

Over time, residents began to develop amnesia, and this is where we found Colt at this exact location at the beginning of the game. Colt woke up to find himself on the island, with only a short memory of the day before. His only companion came from Juliana’s floating messages and radio calls. Because of amnesia, Colt is not sure who he is, but when you unlock the mystery of the island, you and he will learn about his past.

The game will also include eight visionaries who are the founders of the Aeon Project. You need to kill them to end the time loop. When you play games, you will learn more about each game and use what you have learned to your advantage. However, there is a visionary that is difficult to contend with: Juliana.

She will be the only person in the game who has continuous contact with you, and she is determined to stop you from stopping the cycle of time by killing you.

“This is the first person you meet, she wants to kill you,” Narrative designer Bennett Smith says“Part of the initial stage of the game is to find out, explore, and discover why she did this. Juliana and Colt have something in common. The island turns around every day, but everyone on the island seems to have forgotten, except for her and Colt. Colt. So in some ways, they are the only ones who can sympathize, because if they go to someone else, they will forget.”

Through that experience, “basically she tried to get Colt to her level,” Smith said.

“She has all the cards. She has all the knowledge. So she called you over the radio and taunted you, but this is also this kind of teaching experience. Colt asked what happened, and she gave him the answer- But not all the answers “When the player navigates the world and discovers things, she can fill in some gaps. “

According to game director Dinga Bakaba, Julianna is obviously the reason everyone on the island wants to kill Colt. Although she should be his enemy, she has been in contact with him through his radio.

“Juliana seems to be fascinated by him, interested in what he is doing and what he is doing,” Bakaba said. “This fascination is two-way, because everyone is going according to plan, everyone is Keep forgetting, except for her. Juliana is in every step of Colt, so many conversations are this kind of competition, this kind of witty talk of the duel.

“But from time to time there will be these sincere moments. They have a lot in common, but they have very, very opposed goals.”

Deathloop was released exclusively for PC and PlayStation 5 on September 14. To prepare you, Bethesda released PC specifications and global unlock time. You can check those in the link.