This Forza Horizon 5 custom track brings a part of Japanese street racing to Mexico

Forza Horizon​​ n 5 There is a lot of Mexico to explore. But if you want to take your car collection to other places, a track maker has opened up a small piece of Japan and let your favorite motor drift around.

Deeply inspired Tug (Or Tōge), a form of illegal street racing on winding and narrow mountain passes, Forza track creator PlayerKai has spent more than 18 hours painstakingly disguising Forza’s idyllic Mexican landscape to look better in Ridge Racer Something like home.

This track is the third Touge style event created by Kai, with Older video Have a little understanding of his process—that is, add a lot of trees and tall fences to hide Mexico. But more interesting details have been added to help create the illusion of a misty mountain pass, including the creation of impressive stone walls, which give the illusion of being high on the mountain.

(Image source: Amusement Park Games)

Unfortunately you cannot customize the billboard. Nothing sells “Japan” better than a big poster with “Mexico!” Get angry with it.