This gaming keyboard is horrible, even if it’s cheap, you can’t afford it

Finding Black Friday PC gaming deals can be stressful, so stop what you are doing, take a deep breath, and share the laughter with me on the scariest gaming keyboard I have once I saw it. I don’t want you to buy this keyboard. In fact, if you insist on checking its specifications, I hope you do so in the incognito Chrome tab so that Amazon will not recommend or even remotely like its products. You shouldn’t buy this keyboard, no matter how good its $50 mechanical keyboard and mouse combo sounds. Nevertheless, I cannot witness it alone.

It is not uncommon to see cheap gaming keyboards or mice from manufacturers we have never heard of. However, usually, these fragile budget products are designed to be inconspicuous. They look very similar to Razer or Logitech keyboards, and the gameplay with RGB lights is strong enough that your parents or partners may want to buy one for you at an attractive price of $50.

But not this keyboard.

Is it a phone holder or a handle? your choice! (Image source: LexonElec)

Oh no, this thing has to stand out. It is so ugly and over-designed that it just begs me to want to Was exposed. It allowed the entire PC Gamer team to ask some questions that we are not sure we want to know the answer:

  • Why is the wrist rest asymmetrical?
  • Is it because your right hand should always be on the mouse and never rest?
  • What’s the matter with that round mouse under your palm?
  • Why does the keyword body look like an FPS interface in the 90s?
  • Is it badly connected to that micro USB receiver?
  • Who asked that it can also be used as a desktop organizer?

It is even white! What a glorious monster of game equipment design. I am not the only PC Gamer writer who wants to buy it as a novelty. Don’t you do this! We want better for you.

An advertisement for a gaming mouse that points out its backlight settings, scroll wheel, buttons, and other functions.

The jokes about gaming peripherals that look like Transformers are overkill, though. (Image source: LexonElec)

If you want to get some RGB styles at a reasonable price, here is a Razer product portfolio with a pre-tax price of $55.