This gaming laptop is only $680 on Black Friday, and it’s not bad

Best Buy sold a 17.3-inch Asus TUF gaming laptop for $679.99 on Black Friday. It’s hard to buy anything that can be reasonably described as a “gaming laptop” at this price, and this 144Hz laptop barely meets the requirements of a monitor and GeForce RTX 3050. If you want a laptop that can run most PC games, and your price cannot exceed $679.99, this is a rare choice from a well-known brand. We like the Asus TUF series, even though we have only reviewed the high-end options.

This laptop is priced at $680, in the same range as mid-range productivity laptops from Dell, HP and other brands. The main factors that make ASUS TUF a “gaming laptop” are the 144Hz IPS display and discrete GPU. Most productivity laptops stick to 60Hz displays and rely on integrated graphics. It can handle games like Fortnite very well, but will encounter any demanding games.