This Halo Infinite multiplayer map contains a “trophy cave” full of powerful weapons

Halo Infinite is coming soon, and 343 Industries studio is actively promoting it.Before the multiplayer technology preview of the game this weekend, the live broadcast showed a complete big team battle match (it started In 50 minutes In the video above).This is definitely worth a look, but one feature of the map is particularly prominent: it has legitimacy Loot Cave.

As a “sub-goal”, there is a huge vault in the map-called “Loot Cave” inside, as a cunning reference to a legendary figure in destiny-it may attract players at the beginning of the game because it is loaded Use powerful weapons. There is a process to enter: you must crack the big vault door, and then protect yourself during the cracking process. “In essence, whoever gets here first will get the loot,” said Fernando Reyes Medina, a senior multiplayer game designer.