This is 7 minutes of Alan Wake Remastered 4K game

Remedy shared 7 minutes of new footage Allen Awakening Remake, Let us have a decent understanding of the upcoming re-release. In particular, the demo showed the early part of the game, focusing on some relaxing gameplay and some cutscenes.

You can immediately see the upgrade of rendering resolution and texture quality. This is not a large-scale upgrade, but what we are seeing is obviously a clearer and clearer image.

The lighting is indeed the most improved area, which can be seen when Wake descends to the town and explores the logging camp. The user interface may be the most outdated. Although it looks better, it retains the same bulky style as it was ten years ago.

You can watch the full video above, by IGN.

In the PC version, you can expect a variety of options, including FOV slider, motion blur and film grain switching, as well as a list of common adjustable settings such as shadows, image filtering, drawing distance, terrain quality, etc.

The PC version also supports Nvidia’s DLSS mode and the company’s ambient light shading technology HBAO+. Alan Wake Remastered will be launched in a few days, on October 5th, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.