This is a game about selling maple syrup to provide garbage trucks for street racing

If you also like weird games, these games are very special and a clear labor of love, well, I have prepared one for you: Mon Bazou, roughly translated as “my shit car” in Quebec French, It’s a game about making money and doing odd jobs is to turn the nominal Bazoo into a real racing car. All this happened in Canada in 2005, revolving around the “hot scene of modifying cars and wanting to become street racers.”

Although Mon Bazou is in the early access stage, this is obviously the effort of individual developer SantaGoat. Given that it was only released a few weeks ago, I was very impressed with the content. At the time of writing, it has 119 Steam reviews with a 99% favorable rating. For me, it is this energy that made My Summer Car so successful and earned a place in our best racing game roundup.