This is a miracle-Epic Games Store now has a shopping cart

This is a legendary day in video game journalism. If you can believe it, Epic Games Store Now there is a shopping cart function. Only three years after the first release of the Epic Games Store, the addition of this highly anticipated PC’s largest video game platform appeared.

For those who don’t know, the shopping cart feature allows you to add multiple items to the digital shopping basket at once! Then, when you are ready to buy the game you want, you can do it all at once!

Those who have recently bravely walked into real-life stores instead of ordering everything through Deliveroo or Amazon may be familiar with this concept. It is very similar to the shopping cart you find in Tescos or Lidl, although there are no cunning wheels or gum stuck in the coin slot.

If you are still not confident in how it works, don’t worry: the Epic games team has written a Guide you through it.

If you can understand it, there is actually more. Look, this update also comes with a wish list feature that allows you to add games you might want to play in the future to the personal list associated with your account. Wow!

You know, the Epic Games Store has received a lot of criticism, but with this update combined with a truly outstanding lineup of free games, it is safe to say that the platform has firmly established itself as a viable competitor to Steam. Aside from the jokes, there are plenty of free games to choose from, and you should also check out their ongoing game award promotions.

Please let us know your thoughts on this update below!