This is a trailer for Halo Infinite’s new event

In case you missed it, a brand new Event trailer for Halo infinite It has been released, and it has attracted fans all over the world-to be honest, we-are very excited. This trailer lays the foundation for the highly anticipated entry into the Halo series and provides a glimpse of the difference between the campaign and the old one.

Let’s start with the succulent story information we found. We were told that at the beginning of Halo Infinite, both the Chief Sergeant and the UNSC were destroyed by the exile’s army. This Nrutes army has taken control of Zeta Halo-the forerunner device in the background of the game-and has to deal with the evil hyjinx that the Master Chief must stop.

To help you do this, the Chief Sergeant has found a new AI partner named “Weapon”, which will serve as a replacement for Cortana, and now she has become a tragic villain. Together you will venture through Zeta Halo, stop the exiles, and find out the secret behind Cortano’s derailment.

In addition to the details of the story, we also showed us a comprehensive explanation of the ins and outs of the Halo Infinite event. Called by Jen Taylor as “the biggest event so far” and “the most open and adventurous Halo experience so far” because Cortana in the trailer shows a battle map that is more open than expected in the series many.

We saw a tactical map (or tacmap) that can help you navigate open campaigns. We can quickly browse the frontline operational bases on the map. When under control, these bases will act as fast travel points and provide vehicles and weapons from UNSC allies to drop. We also saw a fortress that was exiled, and you, as the sergeant, can destroy it unscrupulously.

At such a frontline base of operations, the Chief Sergeant boarded a new vehicle called the Wasp-a UNSC airborne vehicle that allows you to soar above the environment, just like a human version of the classic banshee.

Then there is the upgrade tab, which allows you to improve and change all aspects of the master’s armor and abilities through the Spartan core. The trailer showed a particularly cool upgrade to the appearance of Chief’s thrusters, which allowed him to quickly advance away from the incoming rocket.

Leaving the best for the end, the campaign trailer provides a small peak for the new enemies that appear in Halo Infinite. The first is the skimmers-small airborne enemies, flying on wings driven by propellers, equipped with laser rifles. Then there is Jega Rdomnai, an elite who seems to be the nemesis of the master chief in his travels.

In the end, it seems to be Halo Infinite’s biggest shortcoming. The wandering opponent who claimed to be the “Pioneer of Truth” was briefly blown away from the Chief Sergeant. It is not yet known who this character is, but I believe we will find out soon!

If this trailer makes you excited about the next arc of the Halo series, you can get a copy of Halo Infinite on December 8th on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.