This is all you need to know about Roblox, a large gaming platform that makes its own rules

Earlier this month, Roblox announced that its daily active users had set a new record-43.2 million. From the monthly statistics, the game platform currently has 206 million users Log in and play games every month (as of September 2021).From a perspective, this is much more than Minecraft, which is located 140 million, More than twenty times that of Fortnite, and its active users reached 10-15 million Whenever the game holds a live event.

They are all impressive statistics, but it shows the size of the game giant Roblox in 2021.It got Lots of Player base. Although the platform is not attractive to adults, its popularity has soared among young children, surpassing Two-thirds of children aged 9 to 12 are playing It’s in the U.S. and surrounding areas 1.5 million Children in the UK.