This is an introduction to Riot’s ongoing fighting game Project L

For a long time, one of the most unknown secrets in the gaming industry, Riot’s fighting game codenamed Project L has another ongoing investigation. The video is set in the world of League of Legends Runeterra and reintroduces Project L to those who have seen its past previews. The characters in the latest video are the same as last time: Jinx, Dreyus, and Ari, but Ike, who goes backwards in time, is added.

Project L is referred to as an “assisted” fighter, which means that players form a team of two fighters, control one at a time, and the other is introduced to perform an auxiliary attack. The design is dedicated to two things: truly powerful network code and easy-to-learn/difficult-to-master controls. Designers Tom and Tony Cannon described their hope for Project L as that players can quickly enter and learn the basic movements of a new character, but they are still far surpassed by the master of the character.