This is Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy-Final Edition in Action, November

Rockstar recently confirmed one of the most unknown secrets in the game: the early 3D Grand Theft Auto games have been remastered, and now they have a release date, and a trailer showing the original and remastered.Pre-order is Live on Rockstar website The game will be released on November 11th: the price is $60/£55, but you can lower the price by buying directly from the Rockstar store.

The product description boasted “full enhancements, including excellent new lighting and environmental upgrades, high-resolution textures, increased drawing distance, Grand Theft Auto V-style controls and targets, etc., to bring these beloved worlds to life with a new level of detail. .”

It also confirmed that the developer was Rockstar North, but the games were “adapted by Grove Street Games” using Unreal Engine.This Florida costume, formerly known as War Drum Workshop, Is behind the various mobile ports of GTA games and the Max Payne and Bully versions.

(Image source: Rockstar North)

A Rockstar press release further expands on these changes: the remake “introduces a wide range of modern control upgrades, including improvements to aiming and locking aiming, updated weapons and radio wheels, and updated mini maps with enhanced navigation features. Allows players to set waypoints to destinations, updated achievements, trophies, etc. The Nintendo Switch version also has Switch-specific controls, including gyroscope aiming, and touch screen camera zoom, pan and menu selection, while the PC version includes support for NVIDIA DLSS and others New achievements through Rockstar Games Social Club.”