This is the content of the Halo Infinite store this week

Halo Infinite’s store is updated every Tuesday at 10 am Pacific Time, offering new items that players can purchase with points. Since the launch of free multiplayer game components, 343 Industries has done a good job in providing a variety of items for players to buy. The latest rotation doesn’t have much content other than a cool project related to the return of the Fracture: Tenrai event.

The most expensive item this week is Enlightened Path, a legendary mythological effect set worth 2,000 points ($17.99), which adds pink rose petals to your Spartan footprints, slides, and rebirth points. This bundle also includes a white mask called Grand Play, which can be applied to your nameplates, armor, vehicles, and weapons. I must point out that the price of this bundle is absurd, especially because players usually get a set of armor at this price.

The more interesting product this week is the Meditation State Bundle, the most prominent part of which is the Empire Heraldic helmet attachment at the core of the Yoroi armor obtained in the Break: Thunder Event. The suit also offers a cool coloring option called Express Soul, which adds a samurai-like highlight to the golden and green armor. The bundle ends with a triumphant gesture called Mirror Tale and an epic charm called Black Opal. This pack is 1,000 credits.

If you want to focus on your weapons and buy another high-priced bundle, the Blacksteel Katana set is quite eye-catching, adding a dragon scale effect to the MA40 assault rifle. You will also get Black Cat weapon coloring, Tiger Energy amulet, and sun and shadow icons suitable for weapons, vehicles, and more.

The item of the day is the Desert Sun Bundle, which provides the Ryuu mask for the Yoroi armor, and a dark green armor coating called Forgotten Sands.

All in all, this week’s product is by far the worst in the game. However, the good news is that “Broken Fracture: Thunder” is back, and we can continue to make the battle pass.