This is the first time we have seen Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers

Waiting for the arrival of spiderman Marvel Avengers Nearly over, the developer Crystal Dynamics showed for the first time the team’s explanation of the iconic cyber catapult.

The character revelation appears in the form of a new trailer. Although it does seem to be captured in the game, it has a strong style and does not really show how Spider-Man will play. We will get to know him better in the developer live broadcast later today, however, including some of his in-game costumes.

The show is scheduled to start today 2pm Pacific Time, 5pm Eastern Time, 10pm UK Crystal Power Company Twitch ChannelTo learn more about Spider-Man, as well as the upcoming raids and free updates, the next War Table Developer Live is scheduled to be held on November 29th-the day before the official release of the new content (and Spider-Man).

Spider-Man is dedicated to PlayStation consoles-namely PS4 and PS5. There is no indication that it may enter other platforms.