This is the first time we have seen the weapon and character skins of Battlefield 2042

In addition to the final announcement of reliable test dates and details Battlefield 2042, DICE also lost another long-awaited information. This is an introduction to how the game handles the progress system and what players can expect to unlock.

There are often problems with the relationship between battlefield games and the progress system, and many people hope that DICE can improve them for upcoming a Blog post, The studio has arranged various progress systems in the game and how they will reward players.

First of all, there are 99 standard levels in Battlefield 2042. During this journey, you will unlock weapons, experts, vehicles, gadgets and some cosmetics. Upon completion, you will enter the S level, all the way to S999. This is basically just a recognition of your time, so don’t expect anything in return when you get promoted.

Upgrading weapons is still the only way to unlock attachments, as are vehicle upgrades. However, you can also get a badge of mastery because you can kill enough enemies with a given weapon to unlock cosmetics such as skins.

The ribbon returns in “Battlefield 2042” and is obtained when performing general tasks such as killing, assisting, and hitting targets. They provide XP rewards when they are obtained, divided into three levels.

“Battlefield 2042” introduces player cards, which are an extended version of these personalized player identities. A card is composed of multiple layers for players to customize. There is the background art itself, icons, titles, and enough space for badges and other achievements you might want to show off. Player cards will also appear in the kill screen, similar to past battlefield games.

As for the skins, DICE clarified that some of them can be unlocked, while others can only be purchased. You will find skins and cosmetics for experts, weapons and vehicles. All of these will be divided into four different rarities: common, rare, epic and legendary.

Although expert legend skins are unique costumes that cannot be customized, rare and epic will contain certain components that you can mix and match with other skins, such as headwear. You can also acquire some of these cosmetics through proficiency.

For weapon skins, DICE confirmed that they will apply to the entire weapon, including accessories. As for the vehicles, you will be able to further customize them using decals. You can also look forward to the charm of universal weapons and melee weapons with unique knockdown animations.

Although most of the content in the beta will be unlocked in advance, there will definitely be an opportunity to sample some of these systems next week. “Battlefield 2042” will land on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on November 19.