This is the original gameplay of Total War, Portals, and Danger Zones in Battlefield 2042

If you can’t wait till tomorrow Battlefield 2042 The early access release and the impression of comments made earlier today are exciting to you, wait until you watch the game actually run with your own eyes.

DICE no longer makes us hungry for the lens, because many media and influencers are invited to participate in censorship activities, where they experience most of the content provided by the game. We have summarized several of their videos below, showing the main game modes of “Battlefield 2042”: Total War, Portal, and Danger Zone.

Start with the video above Broken machine, We got over an hour of original (mostly) uncommented gameplay. The Hazard Zone gameplay was launched, but there was no audio due to recording errors.

From there, it moves to portals, some breakthroughs and more conquests. There are many types in this video, and they are all controller gameplay-which is not common in this type of event.

our friends West Released their own compilation of games, covering all three experiences. The video contains PC gameplay and some communications with the team, which is very useful in the dangerous area.

It’s a little over 35 minutes in length, so please sit down and enjoy.

Always popular Jack Flag Abandoned a shorter video, which was slightly longer than 25 minutes, and also runs through all three main experiences. The picture was captured on a PC, and you can see that everything has reached or is close to the maximum.

Like the first video, this video has no comments-only the original gameplay.

Finally, if you are looking for some reliable sniper games, Stod Deliver the goods in the danger zone video above. These are all shots of the mouse and keyboard, and this game also includes team communication.

“Battlefield 2042” will land on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on November 19.