This is “The Witcher 3” running on the Steam platform

What do you want to see The Witcher 3 Looks like running Steam deck? Of course you can, you can see it below This tweet From the official Witcher Game Twitter account.

What you are seeing is the latest update to the game running on Valve’s upcoming handheld computer.

It seems to work well, although we can only see Geralt riding Roach through town. It didn’t let us see any battles or any other scenes that made the CPU on my old machine resist in protest. Nevertheless, it is still a game that may require a lot of graphics when running at high settings on a handheld device.

Steam Deck uses a custom AMD APU, runs Zen 2 and RDNA 2, and is equipped with 16GB LPDDR5 RAM. It is designed for extended gaming sessions with thumbsticks and trackpads and full-size controls within reach, and has a touch screen and gyroscope. Control.

In addition, not only can you take “The Witcher 3” with you, you can also take your entire Steam library with you.

Steam Deck will start shipping in December and will be available in three versions. It has a 7-inch touch screen, expandable I/O, Hi-Fi audio with built-in speakers, wireless Bluetooth, and an onboard 40-watt-hour battery, which can provide hours of gaming time for most games.

For lighter use cases such as game streaming, smaller 2D games, or web browsing, you can get a maximum battery life of approximately 7-8 hours.