This is what the scoreboard of Battlefield 2042 looks like

DICE chose not to bring back some classic features during development Battlefield 2042One of them is the standard scoreboard, which usually shows your position on the team and the opponent players.

The Battlefield 2042 version only really tracks your own performance and provides general guidance on the performance of other teams in your team. There is no way to compare your own performance with the performance of others. Although the game does have more pressing issues to deal with, players have been lamenting the demise of the scoreboard since before the launch of Battlefield 2042.

DICE finally acknowledged the community’s desire for traditional scoreboards to some extent, but the version we may launch may only appear at the end of the round. As the battlefield community has done, some of the more industrialized members have come up with their own solutions.

We just recently saw an impressive redesign of the deployment screen, and now it’s the scoreboard’s turn. Reddit users Pop music Using most of the same design language as the rest of the game UI, the appearance of the scoreboard is fairly basic.

This version is intended to be displayed at the end of the game as a separate page before the functional area summary. The layout has enough space to kill, assist, resurrect, and the total score of each player.

Previous iterations of the battlefield scoreboard contained more details, but with each new game, they seemed to become slimmer. Nevertheless, this design may be a good compromise, and it won’t even change the appearance as extensively as we have seen in projects produced by other communities.

DICE recently released the last patch of this year for “Battlefield 2042” because the studio is preparing for the holiday. Although this update is smaller than its predecessor, it does bring many welcome balance adjustments and major changes to certain map breakthroughs.