This is why turning off the graphics settings in Battlefield 2042 does not have much effect-report

One of the more consistent complaints about the PC version Battlefield 2042 It’s the huge difference in its performance from one place to another. However, the main reason this discourages many players is that turning down the visual effects of the game is not really as helpful as you think.

This state prompts players to dig into the game’s ini file to find any hidden settings that can be turned on/off to improve performance, because the few settings available in the in-game menus cannot solve the problem. But until today, the cause of this problem has never been fully explored.

PC hardware channel Unboxed hardware A video was released that benchmarked a large number of Intel and AMD CPUs in the most common resolutions and real multiplayer scenarios. The report provides interesting insights into how “Battlefield 2042” utilizes PC hardware-including when it became a CPU bottleneck-which explains why lowering the visual settings does not have much effect on increasing the frame rate.

In fact, even with the most powerful Intel i9/AMD Ryzen 9 CPU, it is difficult to make the frame rate exceed 100fps. According to the findings of Hardware Unboxed, Battlefield 2042 did not fully utilize the capabilities of all high-end CPUs, which resulted in low utilization of these systems and unsatisfactory performance.

Unfortunately, as the report suggests, pushing for better utilization of high-end CPUs may hinder the performance of low-end CPUs. The promotion of more players and the addition of artificial intelligence have made it very difficult to optimize for the low end.

In essence, the game seems to be stuck in the middle of limiting its ambitions so that it can run on weaker hardware and not taking full advantage of high-end advantages to really make a difference. Although some of these aspects can be improved over time, such as overall utilization, the technological innovation of Battlefield 2042 seems to be the culprit.