This is your first correct understanding of the League of Legends fighting game Project L

As early as 2019, we have heard of three mysterious riot Project code Project A, Project F, with Project L.

It turns out that the first one (“a stylish PC competitive tactical shooting game”) is “Valorant”. The second is the “project to explore the possibility of crossing the world of Runeterra with friends”, which has not yet been officially announced. Finally, the fighting game in the League of Legends world finally has a new performance on the weekend.

In the new video (above) showing our expectations for the game, Riot’s lead developers Tom and Tony Cannon detailed the team’s game design philosophy.

The main idea of ​​the fighting game is that it will be an “assistance-based fighter”. Your task is to develop a team of two players and use off-screen players to provide support in the battle between two current fighters.

and also A blog post The developer explained the team’s intentions for the game in detail. The studio pointed out that the goal of the game is to allow players to have an “easy to learn but difficult to master mentality” and to create a “super high-quality fighting game” FGC (Fighting Game Community) can go deep Investment games can be played for years or even decades. “

To this end, in order to attract competitive players, the team is studying how to make the online experience the best. “Of course, we started with rollback as a basis, and we are adding Riot’s existing technology, such as RiotDirect, which does a good job of minimizing League of Legends and heroic pings,” Tom Cannon said.

Just don’t expect to master it soon; Riot stated that “there is still a long way to go before the release date is determined.” The main purpose of sharing this video is to let developers keep fans up to date with the latest development progress.

Earlier this month, we heard that more than 180 million players jump into one of Riot’s Runeterra games every month.