This Japanese open-air all-in-one PC case isn’t practical and cool

Outdoor computers aren’t a new phenomenon, but This product is from Japanese manufacturer Nagao Seisakusho (opens in new tab) (First by our colleagues at Tom’s Hardware (opens in new tab)) does something pretty unique: it provides a monitor stand for Nagao Seisakusho’s pre-existing open-air PC case, allowing you to build an all-in-one rig in that style.

It does look eye-catching and would be a very eye-catching piece at a LAN party, but there’s one problem with this design for me: transmission. The easy-to-carry handles on Nagao Seisakusho’s N-Frame case help with picking up and handling your rig, but what if this thing gets pushed over and over in your car?Graphics cards may finally be rich again (opens in new tab)but I still don’t want my untimely death.