This mod adds a sci-fi city to the Skyrim Special Edition

Numerous Skyrim mods have added new locations. Magical places like Forgotten Cities, Falskaar and Elsweyr. Fort Knox A special edition mod for Skyrim by Ripcat that adds a futuristic city with skyscrapers, neon signs, industrial areas, a shuttle that takes you to the beach, shops selling guns and drugs, police in riot gear, And of course, a strip club with sexy robots.

This is an update of an old mod called Ether Kit – KnOx Project Designed by Halo, this is an empty cyberpunk environment intended as a background for screenshots. Unlike the Aether Suite, Fort Knox contains NPCs spread across five different areas. There are no quests in the city, and the new little dialogues are entirely in text, but it’s a fun place to explore when you see all the fantasy that Skyrim has to offer.