This mod fixes many minor bugs and irritations in the Legend of Mass Effect

Maybe you haven’t noticed that in the remake of Mass Effect 1, the points of interest on the galaxy map — if you find and scan them, randomly hidden asteroids are worth resources — don’t flicker like them to let you know that they are in. There is in the original version. Instead, completionists had to hover their mouse over each asteroid belt just in case. At least, until now.

The flicker of recovery is only one of the fixes LE1 Community Patch, And “If you convince him, Corporal Toombs no longer thinks that players are always on Akuze” and “The camera angle in the Krogan Battlemaster dialogue no longer points directly to the crate.” In addition, if you have ever noticed that medigel is randomly applied in battle, it turns out that this is because even when the command HUD is hidden, if you click on that part of the screen, the healing button can still be activated. This is also fixed by this mod.